Would you build your own internal R&R tool?

Well, you might especially if you are a large technology company and you can spare a few tech resources for 6 months or so, you might be able to build your own in-house R&R tool complete with different award types and points based reward system. You might also be able to include a redemption store with select products such as company branded merchandize and gift vouchers. Your line managers would be able to use the tool to reward their team members with points; team members can then redeem their points against the catalogue of products which are finally delivered by a third-party vendor.

Simple enough! So what are the advantages?

  • To start off with, the tool seems to come at no incremental cost to the company
  • It is completely customized with the company branding and the required workflows
  • It might integrate better with existing corporate systems and the intranet
  • Since the tool is managed by an internal team, making changes seems easy

Sounds great? Are there any challenges?

  • Resources for building and maintaining internal tools might not be as easy to get and they might come at some (opportunity) cost internally
  • Internal tools might lack the flexibility for making changes for future requirements
  • They might not incorporate best practices from the industry (they might just get stuck in time)
  • Choice, convenience and experience might be compromised especially when it comes to redemption
  • It might take a lot of bandwidth from the HR team to manage the tool and the entire process in-house

Taking a balanced view of things; while in the short run it might make sense to go ahead and build your own R&R tool especially if you have the available resources; but in the longer run it might not turn out to be such a wise investment. You decide!

-by HiFives


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