What’s this brouhaha about peer-to-peer recognition?

Simply put, it is the practice of recognizing colleagues outside of one’s reporting/operating structure like recognizing some specific help on a work-related area provided by a colleague from a different team or a support/ enabling function. While such practice is quite commonplace in most organizations and is generally done over email (or sticky notes), progressive organizations are trying to institutionalize and promote this practice by creating a policy around it. They are putting in place platforms that enable employees to recognize each other seamlessly, promoting the initiative internally and even rewarding the winners. This way they are fostering a culture of collaboration, boundary-less behavior and positive team spirit. Those organizations that are yet to take these baby steps towards peer-to-peer recognition are probably wondering whether such systems can be ‘gamed’ by the more ‘visible’ or ‘social’ employees and hence can be counter-productive! Yes, that might be a possibility in the short-term; however, in the long term such issues can be weeded out. Like any other corporate initiative this too needs the right amount of executive sponsorship, visibility and persistence!

-by HiFives

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