R&R on Social Media – the great debate!

Many organizations are still trying to figure out how to incorporate social media in their HR policies. One such aspect is posting or allowing employees to post the awards they have received from the organization on their social media pages.

social media

For employees who spend hours on social media every day – posting, liking, commenting, sharing and chatting with their friend, this is a big deal! Employees would love to flaunt their awards on social media and soak up all the adulation (likes and comments) they might receive from their friends. The satisfaction garnered from this social recognition might be far greater than that from the actual monetary value of the award itself! Plus think of all the employer branding and referrals that this might generate!

What’s the flip side? For starts, it might expose confidential information to the world – names of clients, important project, etc. With hundreds of friends on social media and thousands of friends of friends, one cannot be sure that this information will not fall into wrong hands – competitors, clients, regulatory authorities and head hunters, just to name a few. Of course, the employee himself or herself will be seen as someone with high potential and may be approached by a competitor!

Well, the debate continues…

-by HiFives