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Imagine your manager calls you to his room and hands you a certificate and some goodies. He tells you – “You are the performer of the month! And this is your reward, but please keep this completely hush hush.” Funny, right?

Now think of another scenario – your manager calls the entire team to the conference room and talks about the achievements of the month and then goes on say “All of you did a great job and I really want to thank each of you for that. But there is one person who deserves a special mention and that is … “. Your colleagues come and congratulate you – you are on a high! Nothing spectacular, right? But social recognition does definitely leave you with a feeling of satisfaction, much more than that you would have derived from just getting the tangible form of the reward.

Team meetings, townhalls, floor meetings, etc. are great occasions for rewarding employees and they help multiply the experience for the employee. However, logistics of getting people together, arranging the venue and equipment is a deterrent for organizations from doing these events more frequently. Offline noticeboards, online forums, emails, etc. help overcome these obstacles and enable sharing of information about rewards with other employees. Online forums can be made interactive to let other employees congratulate the rewardees. This will unleash the real power of social recognition within the organization.

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Social recognition is a multiplier for rewards

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