Reward your B team!

The winner takes all! This is a common phenomenon in most organizations – the ‘A listers’ end up getting the fattest bonuses, heftiest pay hikes, fastest promotions and the meatiest roles. And the next level performers get virtually nothing (except for possibly single digit hikes and tenure driven promotions). More often than not this so called ‘B team’ is what lends solidity to the organization – steady performance over time and loyalty towards the organization. However, organizations tend to alienate themselves from the ‘B team’ by focusing too much on the ‘A listers’, finally demotivating them resulting in under-performance and finally exit for better pay elsewhere.

While ‘A listers’ definitely deserve a lot of credit and cannot be denied the rewards due to them, organizations should use recognition as a way of keeping the ‘B team’ motivated. Genuine display of appreciation for their contribution, supplemented by the organization’s rewards and recognition program (Spot Awards, Employee of the Month/ Quarter, Top Contributor, Project Awards, etc.) can go a long way in communicating the right message to them – “yes, the ‘B Team’ is valued by the organization!”.

-by HiFives

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