Reward to motivate!

It is not very simple to comprehend what motivates employees in an organization to perform better. Work motivation is a blend of energy that comes from within as well as from beyond a person to initiate work.  Motivation involves offering employees an incentive in the form of reward or recognition to do better. There are times when suitable incentives should prevail over the actions needed to achieve incentives. Employee motivation reflects overall assessment of the job through attitude, emotion and behavior along with their work experience.

Typically motivation is a combination of three psychological processes, encouragement, direction and intensity or the energy that is put into their work. Employee motivation can be inherent like the desire for a person to succeed or extrinsic which comprises of external including monetary incentives, rewards and recognition. Trying to enhance employee motivation by way of rewards or recognition can sometimes be an intimidating job for managers. But this can be made simple with correct information and the right techniques. It will not take much time for the managers to become competent at augmenting motivation with rewards. With the involvement of all the employees or representatives, managers can initiate better communication to design a rewards process. This will make sure that the management as well as the employees are on the same page.


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