Gamification is the new name of the game!

Gamification is the new buzzword that is doing the rounds of corporate corridors these days. Simply put, gamification is all about creating a game-like situation in a non-game environment, be it work, education or retail.

The percentage of Gen Z in the workforce is on the rise – a generation brought up on a heavy diet of computers, internet, mobile phones, social media and gaming. Not surprisingly, keeping them motivated in the workplace is a challenge that all organizations are increasingly facing.

That’s where gamification comes to the rescue – if play is serious work for them, why not make work a kind of play? Organizations have started exploring the concept of gamification of work – typically to pep up relatively uninteresting and repetitive tasks and to create an environment of fun, excitement, competition and team work, while achieving work-related goals.

Sales and collections contests are nothing new – they are typical examples of work gamification. Current trends in work gamification involves use of themes (film, animation, fantasy, etc.), scores (points, coins, etc.), badges, rewards and leaderboards. Gamification can be used in various processes including customer service, operations, projects, compliance, finance, etc. to infuse new excitement at work leading to better achievement of goals.

Now, no one can say that all work and no play makes Jack (or anyone else) a dull boy!

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