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For a really long time, it was believed that employees would really appreciate merchandize with company branding as rewards as these would actually help reinforce the company brand. So organizations would order truckloads of bags, coffee mugs, pens, T-shirts and other such items with company logo and use them liberally in R&R programs. They would also create a company brand store often with an online avatar where employees could order such products often with their rewards points and sometimes with cash or credit cards.

Sadly, the novelty of such programs have already worn out for most employees (sometimes it lasts only for a few weeks after joining, when the new recruits would like to flaunt their company logo merchandize to their peers in other companies). The younger crop of employees tend to prefer trendier products as rewards – gadgets, fashion accessories, holiday packages, shopping vouchers, etc. – in general the freedom to choose. They tend to get bored with the same stuff recycled each time and the concept of forced loyalty to a brand, doesn’t matter if it is their employer’s. The older generation prefer products with utility – applicances, consumer electronics, kitchen and dining products, toys, home decor, etc. In case, the reward amount is large they actually don’t mind getting it in cash.

All in all, the era of company logo merchandize seems to be well and truly over especially when it comes to rewards and recognition!

-by HiFives

Company logo merchandize as rewards – end of an era!

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