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Are Mobile Apps for Rewards and Recognition really important?

Is having a mobile app for rewards and recognition system really important?  When you and your manager walk out of a meeting you can recognize his work personally right there but let us see an instance if the person you want to recognize is in another country or city. It is possible that the employee has very little or no access to a computer. Mobile is important as a tool for the success of a project that has a large number of offline employees. Maintaining the best practice of timely recognition, mobile apps allow for employers to recognize others anywhere on the globe just with their smart phones.

Are mobile apps needed for reward or recognition or is it one of those solutions looking for a problem?  Is it just a marketing gimmick or an actually useful tool to reward and recognize people that will really be used by people constructively and they need it?  It has been projected by several surveys that mobile access to the Internet will surpass the desktop web in a few years and 3 billion or more of the adult population in the world will be enabled to conduct business via mobile. There is data to suggest that Mobile phones will leave behind PCs as the most popular web access devices in the world.

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