HiFives is a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service Platform that helps organizations digitize, automate and transform their employee rewards and recognition practices. It works on a standalone basis or in integration with your existing HRMS.

HiFives can help organizations to provide a rich and seamless experience to their employees with minimum administrative overheads. It is a highly configurable and flexible solution, it can map to the complexities of organizational processes and incorporate industry best practices.

HiFives was started by senior industry professionals with IIM and IIT background. HiFives has been consistently rated as one of the most innovative HR Tech companies by People Matters, Silicon India and CIO Review as well as by Google as one of the SMB Heroes.

Who needs HiFives

In this tough business environment, organizations are being forced to tighten their HR budgets – increments, bonuses, staff welfare, and even rewards. Despite this, the HR is tasked with driving the following goals:

   – Keeping employee morale and productivity high

   – Retaining top/ critical talent

   – Encouraging new ideas from employees

Employee Recognition can be a cost-effective solution for driving employee motivation in this environment. If employees are appreciated and recognized for their efforts in a timely and systematic manner, it can go a long way towards creating higher productivity, retention, and innovation.  It can help organizations drive the desired behavior from employees and reinforce the core values of the organization.

Start-ups and Growth-stage Businesses

A rapidly growing organization looking at incorporating HR best practices to attract and retain top talent from other industries.

Large Enterprises and Traditional Businesses

A large enterprise in a mature industry, looking to attract new talent, building younger workforce and creating culture of appreciation.

Organizations which have existing programs

An organization looking to modernize an existing program to make it more efficient and effective, incorporate best practices and drive higher returns on investments.

Global organizations with local programs

A global organization looking to create a consolidated program integrating its entire workforce across countries, operating seamlessly.