Why HiFives

Advanced Features

Enables transformation of processes and practices


Quick implementation based on business requirements

Best Practices

Incorporates industry best practices of what works well


Works across geographies, industry and workforce size


Transparent pricing based on per seat; pay-as-you-go

HiFives Solution Enables you to build an efficient and effective employee rewards and recognition program for your organization


Get the entire program online; eliminate paperwork and physical processes 


Minimize manual interventions; eliminate Excel data manipulation and email trails


Drive behavior, corporate values and organization culture of appreciation

Who needs HiFives HiFives caters to organizations from different industries, different stages of growth, different headcounts & different geographies

Start-ups and Growth-stage Businesses

A rapidly growing organization looking at incorporating HR best practices to attract and retain top talent from other industries.

Large Enterprises and Traditional Businesses

A large enterprise in a mature industry, looking to attract new talent, building a younger workforce and creating a culture of appreciation.

Organizations which have existing programs

Looking to revamp its existing program for greater efficiency and effectiveness, incorporating best practices and higher ROI.

Global organizations with local programs

A global organization looking to create a consolidated program across countries, managing it seamlessly and integrating its workforce.

Select Clients HiFives powers the programs of large enterprises as well as growth companies

HiFives helps organizations motivate employees in this tough economy through a cost-effective rewards and recognition platform. If employees are appreciated and recognized for their efforts in a timely and systematic manner, it can go a long way towards creating higher productivity, retention, and innovation.  It can help organizations drive the desired behavior from employees and reinforce the core values of the organization. 

Best Practices Read the HiFives blogs covering industry best practices

A comprehensive guide to employee engagement surveys

A comprehensive guide to employee engagement surveys

The term employee engagement is being used extensively in business circles for more than two decades now. Organizations define employee engagement as the level of emotional connectivity or the sense of commitment that employees feel towards the organization. However, most

Technology driving successful employee recognition programs

Technology driving successful employee recognition programs

The days, when posting the name and picture of the “Employee of the Month”, on a department’s bulletin board was possibly the best employee recognition strategy, have long gone. The extensive use of technology in various HR functions, including employee

The need of the hour is for a platform that can quickly digitize, automate and transform your employee recognition program. If you are looking at revamping and streamlining your employee recognition program, you should consider a platform such as HiFives® ( 

Every aspect of the rewards and recognition program gets digitized and automated including generation and delivery of digital award certificates.

HiFives® is a cloud-based global SaaS platform (patent pending), both on desktop and mobile, that helps transform employee recognition programs to a platform -driven, social and gamified model beyond the usual monetary rewards and merchandise. 

HiFives® was started in 2012 by senior industry professionals with IIM and IIT background. HiFives® has been consistently rated as one of the most innovative HR Tech companies by People Matters, Silicon India and CIO Review as well as by Google as one of the SMB Heroes. 

HiFives® key clients include Larsen & Toubro, Asian Paints, Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance, Carl Zeiss, Excelity Global (formerly Hewitt Associates), Plivo Communications, Prodapt Solutions, iValue, Rhein Brucke IT Consulting, and others.   

HiFives® is a highly configurable and flexible solution that can map to the intricacies of your organizational processes and incorporate industry best practices in your program

HiFives® adopts a consultative approach in partnering with clients to design the policies, rollout and communication plan; and to execute, manage and deliver business value through the employee recognition program.

HiFives® team is rich with the experience of actual implementation challenges, understanding of success factors of such programs and the change management that is required. 

HiFives has deep domain expertise of the R&R space, cross-industry experience and past background of designing & implementing large scale enterprise solutions. The success of the program can be measured in terms of the business impact generated. Fine-tuning of the policies on the platform can be done easily due to the configurability at the administrator end.

The HiFives platform pricing model includes a one-time setup charge for platform configuration, data setup, SSO implementation, HRMS integration, program design, and technical implementation. Customization and creation of new features come at an additional cost. 

The monthly subscription charges are based on the actual headcount on the platform. It comes with lifetime free products upgrades, end-user support, account management and best practices sharing throughout the contract period.